Monday, April 26, 2010

Legalized Racial Profiling?

Its funny how the country is becoming more and more fascist as the days grow older. Not only are we operating in a fascist state presently, we are slowly inching toward locking down the country into a police run concentration camp under Martial Law. Bunnz, what the fuck are you talking about, you say? I'm a conspiracy theorist right? Well, Arizona just passed a law that makes it a state crime for an illegal immigrant to be in the state. Okay, what's wrong with that, you ask?

Immigration is a huge drain on the American economy, it takes away jobs from hard working American men and women, and drops the curve on wages because immigrants can work under the table and get paid less than what an American citizen can get paid right? All true, and that's the political spin that politicians throw around so that they can execute a higher plan. And that plan in this case is racial profiling. Immigrants in Arizona, what do they typically look like, that's right Mexican, how can you tell a Mexican American, from a Mexican that's here illegally? You can't that's why you have to pull them over and ask them for ID. That's completely fascist, racial profiling. People will get pulled over for just being Mexican, that's so Auschwitz. You might as well call them Jews and this might as well be the 1940's son. You thought driving while Black was bad, damn, my Mexican homies in AZ got it a little more fucked up.

You can read the entire cover story here

Be on the lookout for Rex 84...


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  1. Its gettin worst by the hour, u know they trying to pass a bill to pull out the ethics study out of schools too. They tryin to change everything about ppl who are non white. They want everybody confuse about where they cum from, u are right about everything u stated in the above post. Gotta pray and get up and actually bring a change to this country!!!!!!