Monday, April 26, 2010

Legalized Racial Profiling?

Its funny how the country is becoming more and more fascist as the days grow older. Not only are we operating in a fascist state presently, we are slowly inching toward locking down the country into a police run concentration camp under Martial Law. Bunnz, what the fuck are you talking about, you say? I'm a conspiracy theorist right? Well, Arizona just passed a law that makes it a state crime for an illegal immigrant to be in the state. Okay, what's wrong with that, you ask?

Immigration is a huge drain on the American economy, it takes away jobs from hard working American men and women, and drops the curve on wages because immigrants can work under the table and get paid less than what an American citizen can get paid right? All true, and that's the political spin that politicians throw around so that they can execute a higher plan. And that plan in this case is racial profiling. Immigrants in Arizona, what do they typically look like, that's right Mexican, how can you tell a Mexican American, from a Mexican that's here illegally? You can't that's why you have to pull them over and ask them for ID. That's completely fascist, racial profiling. People will get pulled over for just being Mexican, that's so Auschwitz. You might as well call them Jews and this might as well be the 1940's son. You thought driving while Black was bad, damn, my Mexican homies in AZ got it a little more fucked up.

You can read the entire cover story here

Be on the lookout for Rex 84...


St. Mark's Passion- Disney Concert Hall Trip

Peace peace, so me and the Queen went to the Disney Concert Hall over the weekend, she turned the big 25 and it was breath taking son. The ambiance, the architecture by the late Frank Gehry was astonishing, and the musicianship, makes you ask yourself, why the fuck do I even listen to boom bap? The music was composed by Osvaldo Golijov, and conducted by Maria Guinand. From the opening phrase the piece chronicled the trials of the Jesus Christ all the way up to his crucifixion. The enchanted bounce of the congas infused with the melodious strum of each string instrument played with your emotions and forced you to visually put yourself in that time period and smell the air, feel the wind, see the sandy mountain regions, and feel the suspense of the experience. Happy belated birthday Queen! Experience the Disney Concert Hall if you already haven't.


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

African Symbolism in Hollywood? Zeitgeist?

I've been pondering on this topic for a while now, and have been wondering how much truth was based in it. Being a film major and everything, I witnessed first hand the stages of spiritual awakening cinema has brought to my life. I sort of look at life through the lens of a 35mm camera now. Every sound, ray of light hitting a persons face, is utterly cinematic. With that in mind, I'm sure thousands of other very talented film makers share the same quirky vision of the realities they interpret every day. These experiences coined the term Zeitgeist, not the documentary on 9-11, but the term credited to Johann Gottfried Herder and other German Romanticists of the 1700's who described Zeitgeist as the "spirit of the age". To easily break it down, today's Zeitgeist would be how the children are reverting back to the era of the 80's when bright neon colors were fresh and current, 808's and simple beats were the best thing since the Nike Blazer. Or how about, how we are trying to revert back to a more healthy, earth conscious life style, more natural, and native to the original way of doing things? All of these "trends" would be classified as Zeitgeist, and there is definitely a Zeitgeist in the realm of cinema.

The cinema Zeitgeist is a direct product of the spirit of what's happening or what is suggested to come. And a lot of the time, Hollywood can capitalize off of knowing what's coming and what's happening, because they can then create product that exists in a foreign backdrop to create an illusion of a new experience, and inside that experience, they imbue a familiar or reoccurring culture trend, or mythology that is becoming more popular based on astrological calendars, social studies and surveys, or historical facts that point to the revolution of that particular movement.

A big example of Cinematic Zeitgeist has been the reoccuring image of Africa, African American leadership, Art, Civilization, and history. Films like, The Mummy Franchises depict thieves or tomb raiders running through ancient Egyptian artifacts when they awaken a mummy and blah blah blh the action movie starts. You saw how the "Egyptians" looked, so need I say more?

Another big film was Transformers 2 Revenge of The Fallen. This movie was not only concluded in Africa, but hinted toward the use of the mythology of Planet Nibiru (google search it) and the Anunaki (google search it) supposedly passed down by ancient Sumerians to a person by the name of Zacharia Sitchin. There is also a hint into the whole reptilian shape shifter theory who was supposedly builders of the pyramids of Giza. These shape shifters are symbolically represented by the machines called "Transformers". Cinemas ability to take a concept or mythology and set it in the future, thus making it a reality once again in the minds of people, is a unique way to revitalize the Zeitgeist in society. We may not see it and understand the science of symbol magic and symbol use, but they do and they are using it. Read Meditation Symbols In Eastern & Western Mysticism-Mysteries of the Mandala, The Philosophical Research Society,Inc.,1988 by Manly P. Hall, he breaks down in further detail the use of symbols.

Another recent film that uses symbols pointing to Africa and African Culture is, The 4th Kind, the film about alien abduction. The film is rather vague in its entirety, but towards the end we come across a "African American" historian who deciphers the language of the aliens as a very old form of Ancient Sumerian. The Alien then announces himself as God, and the people are his for the taking.

In the most recent film 2012, we see a world devastated by a complete polar shift and galactic alignment which causes total destruction. There is not only a "Black" president, but the movie ends with the only continent left to "mother" a civilization of rich Europeans, is "Mother Africa". How ironic is that, the place that birthed civilization, will be once again, the place that rebirths civilization? Very interesting.

There are more films that point to a trending theme of Africa and its descendants, but these will suffice hopefully. The Zeitgeist of cinema is very real, and a very interesting phenomena that I truly feel exists. Some may call it the "collective unconscious". Regardless, the spirit of the times is foreshadowing a group of people so devastated by civil war and by lack of self identity, rising to the occasion, becoming leaders, masters of science, art, music, lovers of life and their families, and most of all, lovers of themselves. The spirit of the times is showing the greatness of this people who are defining themselves based off of illusions from those same thieves who stole their identity and hold it behind gates behind gates, guarded by heavily armed security. Why don't they want you to know who you are? Who are you? I read The Making of a Slave by Willie Lynch and in Virgina 1712, he said that for at least 300 years you will have your slave, if you keep them separate and divided. Well if you do the math, 1712+300=2012, maybe that's why they wanna keep us asleep. The truth is gonna come to the light, and the spirit of the times will not keep the truth hidden no matter how many twists and turns they try to hide it in, nor how much they try to include themselves inside the ancient history, it will never be them, it will forever be you.

Get your study on, get your build on with your dude, or your chick, we need each other. If you know your history, you know yourself, and what's to come, because you can know, create destiny.


Monday, April 19, 2010

"Living Off The Land"

A conversation came up after not having internet access for a day, that what would we do if a natural disaster hit Los Angeles and the rest of the world that cut off power, cell phone communication, gas, and all road access. How would we get food because what we have in the fridge will not last more than a week? How would we get water, not only for drinking, but to wash up? How would you protect yourself from the people who have nothing and want what you have?

Its funny how we look at these Southern Rifle Association groups out in South Carolina, Mississippi, Alabama, Texas, etc as militias and think, these muthafuckas are preparing for something I don't know. Why do they continuously buy all these damn guns and ammo like they are getting ready for a war or something? Maybe they are preparing for the same disaster and are training to protect themselves, and to fend for themselves? This is something people (of all colors) would have to come to terms with, living off the land. That's a term that a lot of so called African Americans are 50-100 years removed from. How would we live off the land? In California, what would we hunt, pigeon, sea gull, rat, possum, dog, cat, squirrel, crow? In the city, these are the most readily food supply, there will be no cows, and chickens, and pig running around. When we do catch these animals, how will we know how to skin it, cut it, and divide it amongst the family? What part is the heart, what part shouldn't be eaten, what part do we eat? How would we set traps for them? And how would we continue to utilize this resource once they are becoming more and more obsolete? Are we mentally prepared to go back to that type of thinking?

Protection? According to the National Firearm Survey of 2004, 38% of American households reported owning at least one firearm, that translates into 57 million people. Well we know that 57 out of the US' 300 million only hits 19%. That means majority of the people are not armed. So, the people with guns are gonna be protected and the rest of us are assed out or at the will of the ones with the guns (police. army, national guard, gang bangers). A lot of us men have little sisters, daughters, mothers, and sisters, and how will we protect them, when that time comes? Bare hands at a gun and knife fight will only lead to your family saying, he tried his best. I'm not encouraging people to go out and get loaded on burners but just think. The police will not be around to protect you, they will most likely be with their families protecting them. The army and national guard will be on patrol, but we saw what happened to Haiti, and more than likely, they will be trying to take your weapons as opposed to letting you keep them "Martial Law". If you do feel that after reading this, a burner is necessary, then go to the gun range, and learn how to use one the right way, buy one legally. I'm not advocating violence, only survival and self reliance.

Its funny how you can put yourself in a situation and you notice now, how none of the petty things matter, the cars, the girls, the materialistic shit, none of that matters once your mind is focused on a "greater" cause. And that mind state change occurred just in the duration of reading the words on the screen. Just imagine if we began to think like this on a constant basis, getting prepared, bettering our relationships with our community to have a plan just in case something like this did happen. Who knows where we would be. But I know for sure, with people owning and protecting all of the world's natural resources, no matter how diabolical it may be, they still will shoot you if you run up onto their spring of water, or their farm of cattle, their chicken farms, their pig sty, or their land of and veggies and fruits. And when it all falls down, we will be dependent on someone else to provide for us. How will you call yourself a man knowing you are relying on the next man, or the next system to feed you? How will the women look to us? Will we be the protector, head of household, provider, that the scriptures talk about? If they need security and you can't provide that, do you believe they will respect and listen to you? Or will they do what's best for themselves and go where the security is for sure? What will the youth think of us, and what we have allowed to happen? While we have been in civil war amongst ourselves, killing ourselves, indulging in the irrelevant, poisoning the mind and body, the world has passed us by, and we are left out. We can't let complacency, and ignorance be the reason for our demise. Nothing lasts forever, so when change comes, will you be ready?


Monday, April 12, 2010

Whats in the water, the food, the music???

What the fuck is goin' on man...

Back to Africa Movement?

Me and the Queen was choppin it up yesterday while watching Belly about saying fuck it and moving back to Africa once the cheese got right, and I was like hell na! The people in Africa are in ore devastation than the African people in America. Why do you think African people come to America? Also, Africans have a hard time accepting so called African Americans, when they come here, they look down upon us as though we are beneath them, they laugh at us because we don't know our history, we don't set up our own businesses as they do, we take advantage of the government nipple and the government father figure. But over there there is still racsim amongst whit supremacists in South Africa, their is still genocide in Darfur, there are still millions of AIDS deaths every year. Women are being raped, the land is being raped of its natural resources. Should we all just pack up and move back to the motherland? Send me a post card son, I'm good.


New Drake Video-Over

Drake drops a sub par video with multi-wall projections and a performance scene shot against a black abyss. Dude features a couple half naked models for eye candy do to the boring nature of the visuals. Nothing in the video had anything to do with the song. I'm not a hater, I'm a film maker and this is why videos suck, we are trying to hurry and get em done, but they look rushed and not well thought out. Come harder, we want more. Get Michel Gondry to shoot for you, or Chris Cunningham, Spike Jonze, Chris Milk, or even Malik Sayeed, if you want the avante garde, dream sequence look. This looked like a film school shoot son. WHOMP!


Thursday, April 8, 2010

Dont Shoot The Messenger?

This chick is funny, now she's released a video trying to semi-justify her video. She says that one, not every song has a "greater message" to the world. Some songs are just episodes of things that 20 somethings experience, and some her friends have experienced, and then asks us, to not shoot the messenger. HUH? CONTRADICTION?

Look baby girl, there is no way you write a song, and not feel any way about it. You took absolutely no stand behind, or against the allocations made against the "meesage" the people got from your song. Just because you say its a good song, don't mean it is. I would have liked to hear how you felt about those situations, and why you chose to write the song, or did someone ghost write for you? Probably not because my little niece could write deeper content than that. Or maybe you just made the song mindlessly thinking you would get the reaction and be in the mouth of the public for a couple days? Either way you never touched on what truly inspired the song, not just because you know some friends that did it. You have to be more thoughtful with the music you CHOOSE to put out. When you disregard the intellect of the public, a lot of the time they can hear and feel bullshit. And the people are feeling that this video is some bullshit publicity stunt. Your "hoe-dar" is beepin real live right now sonny. Oh yea, we gotta separate the singer from the person... This is the CHARACTER we were listening to. So don't feel too much toward it. Its the way of the matrix to make us invest attention energy into the negative so they can convert it into dollars. Wake the fuck Up!!!!!!!!

Kiely Williams- Spectacular Video

The epitome of shock value is the essence of this here video. The name of the track is titled Spectacular and it is a tribute an mind blowing one night stand with a man who's name she can't remember. She does remember getting drunk and being face down and ass up though gettin it in. In a report she claims that she is in know way condoning the behavior, she is just putting it out there for people to be aware of it. Miss lady, there is nothing in this video that says you are against unprotected sex and alcohol abuse. I do see pieces of Lady Gaga here, the really harsh imagery, the vulger and damn near pornographic lyrics, I feel as though she was modeling this video after the pop icon, in efforts to garner some attention energy. It worked, but she won't be around long. It was completely distasteful, and sluttish. And its funny how the Cheetah Girl still looks like a little girl and to see her with a grown man, its like ugh thats some pedophile type shit there son. And she must have her Cheetah Girl fans still following what she's doing, so now we have these young girls all being influenced one way or another by this musical garbage. Bad look for the young lady. Tell me what you think.


Nike X Tiger Woods X Earl Woods Commercial

Before Tiger Woods made his return to pro golf, his father Earl Woods recorded a series of questions for a Nike commercial asking his son about the previous situation that occurred. The video is a simple zoom in to close up of Tiger as he looks into the camera as if we are his parent asking him why. He looks as though he is attentive and is showing some humility. Its pretty intriguing, but of course it doesn't surprise me. Tiger Woods may be the best golfer EVER and he's not gonna fall by the wayside for some affairs that happen outside of the game of golf. Now if dude beat the shit out of VJ Singh on the Masters tour, then ok, that deserves harsher repercussions, but for cheating on your wife, come on, EVERYBODY WHO IS OF SOME CELEBRITY STATUS DOES IT, AND IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE SPORT. Is it right or wrong, that's not the point, if you personally have a problem with dude's behavior, DONT GIVE HIM YOUR ATTENTION, otherwise be ready for disappointment because nothing is gonna happen to him. He's back.


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Banksy-Exist Through The Gift Shop Sneak Peek

This is gonna be dope. Legendary stencil artist Banksy, releases an extended sneak peek at his up and coming docu-comedy, Exit Through The Gift Shop. Be on the look out for the drop this sometime in the near future. It was initially screened at Sundance 2010, but now they are pushing for a wider release. Peep.


Producer Spotlight-DJ Unknown

This dude right here has been consistent with the tracks he's been laying down. I haven't seen someone every week drop a new beat on you from Free Beat Fridays, to dropping mixtapes at least once a month. My mans is expanding his network of listeners that appreciate and dig his alternative sound. Native of Compton California via Hawthorne, the only other producer I know with a mean crossover and a dope custom bass kick is none other than my folks DJ Unknown who I'm choosing for the Producer Spotlight this week. If you aint up on this brotha, your balcony, open the window slowly to feel the light air trickles on your face, and just fall out... Na seriously, this dude is hustling and deserves everything thats about to happen with his career. Check out the mixtape Compton Legend here:


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Aloe Blacc- I Need A Dollar Video

Stones Throw Records who brought you Loot Pack, Quasimoto, Madlib, Oh No, Wild Child, Declaime, and the late J-Dilla bring you their newest artist Aloe Blacc and his video entitled I need a Dollar. I couldn't agree more. The joint is dope, not only because its the these song to my favorite show on TV right now, How To Make It In America, but the lyrics are exactly how ya mans is feelin' right now. Check it out and enjoy.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Fear Of A Still Pond

Anonymous Author

I'm, Cloud Chasin'
And Sound Scapin
A mild scrape inside the jaws of this lion requires my patience
So this stasis
Is a tuned station
No commercial breakin'
Only takin' whats given
Given whats at stake is
This miniscule hole in the wall
So this fast I'm breakin'
I hope I aint forsaken
But I gotta make it
The street playin for keeps
And time is a wastin'
Fuck submittin' applications to a system thats racist
Bankin' on what xxxxx xxxxx built in the ancient
Now they claim I aint shit
Gotta build my own future
Solar system's waiting for commands like computers
Can't sit aside and get stoned like Medusa
Gotta get this Milk and Honey and mend my medulla
The country wanna school us
Get us in debt so they can rule us
Still can't find a job so when we rob they institute us
Beat us down and shoot us
We get down and shoot up
To get back to the clouds for a while to rap wit Buddha
Fall back to ground like rain splashes
Life flooded with no action
On no axis
And no plane
But still want the A-Train like Coltrane in this cold game tryin to make your name
Now you manifested a seed
What you thought never became
It was all in vain
Now the hustle heats up
You scattered like Osiris body
Dreams and goals become only a mental hobby
In the lobby
Of your jobby
In between sweeps
Angry to the core wit ya Queen between sheets
Disconnected in between skeets
Unresponsive when its time for you to teach
Unalive on the corners of the streets
I shoulda woulda coulda, is now how the man preach

The Roots-Dilla Joints

The roots dropped an exclusive mitape entitled Dilla Joints where the band pays tribute to one of the greatest, most innovative producers of the age the late James Yancy aka J-Dilla (RIP). 14 tracks of pure uh huh! Get off this! Don't even think about rapping over these, because I already did!


Consequence-Movies on Demand

Its been in the making, my dude has been releasing several mixtapes tracks, but the waits over, Consequence dropped his latest mixtape Movies on Demand. The joint is bangin' Con gives us them long awaited bars that gives us that feelin' that Hip Hop aint goin' nowhere. With features from Asher Roth, Kweli, Common, Kanye, Q-Tip, and more, Movies on Demand must be downloaded. If you don't have it, get it here

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Why Did I See This Movie Too? Tyler Perry Film Review

It was a spur of the moment thing. After seeing I Can Do Bad All By Myself, and realizing the lack of concern for the general IQ level of his audience, I concluded that not only would I no longer be insulted, but no longer would I financially contribute to Tyler Perry's onslaught of preachy, one dimensional, soap-cinema style franchise pictures. My attention is way too important. But, I was out with the Queen, we were enjoying ourselves, it was still pretty early, and we said the 2 most infamous words on the planet... FUCK IT!
First off, I'm really disappointed with the writing because (spoilers coming) as a theatrical writer, its important to understand story arc and character development, like how you understand that when you eat some spicy chili cheese Fritos off the ice cream truck, you probably gone have the oozy boo-boo! So with that being said, why didn't any of the 3 main story arcs conclude? Terry's wife admitted to thinking of another man while making love to her husband, not concluded. Angela and Marcus' debates over his sluttish ways, weren't concluded, Patricia and Gavin's broken/psychotic charade, not finished... I won't tell you how the film ends, but its pretty insulting how they kill Gavin without him being able to resolve his issue with Patricia, and how after a year of his passing, she meets the "Rock"(yes the wrestler) and is goo goo ga ga for dude. I guess I did spoil the movie... Oh well save your cheese!

Secondly, I don't appreciate the lack of originality... My mans had a Soul Food moment. Remember in Soul Food when Bird's husband was out of a job, and she went to her fast talking ex boyfriend who Lem obviously hated, and asks to hook him up? Well, Tyler added his own version of that classic and complex situation in this joint. Sheila (Jill Scott) goes to Mike, her ex Husband, and asks him to pull a favor and get Troy a job with the Sheriffs Department. Troy finds out about it, and obviously goes to his house, and whoops dudes ass. Rip Off!!! And may people in the theater felt the same way.

Thirdly, he used the death of Gavin, as a tool to make everyone stand up and hug each other and resolve their differences. In reality, this would not be the place or the time for this, completely false, and completely inconsiderate to believe that the audience would be emotionally wound up behind that. We were completely in laughter at how comical and fake it was. And its funny how he used that device in Family Reunion when the elders were up the hill on the plantation after witnessing all the chaos, she tells the family to hug and tell each other you love them. Running out of ideas?

Lastly, the film was completely all over the place, it felt rushed, it felt incomplete. I recently learned from my girl that on Oprah, the reason behind the ending is explained as, with the passing of Michael Jackson, and having a funeral for him, having a funeral for Gavin was too much for Janet to handle, so they scrapped the idea of having the funeral at the end. Okay... I respect that situation with Janet and MJ, RIP, but that still says nothing to the fact that you kill a main character without any resolution!!! That also shows how able Perry is to think on his feet, to come up with such a crowded, over dramatic, 3rd act and climax as he displayed. When the pressure is on, the talent will show, and its showed how talented he is alright. I want my 23 bucks back!

Overall, I'm sick of the stereotypical, one dimensional films that are addressing social issues on the surface and lack either the guts, the intellect, or the talent to go deeper. Not just with Tyler Perry, with other so called "Black Film Makers" And its funny because some folks will challenge you and say, "I just wanna laugh and be entertained, I don't want to see a film about real life because I deal with that every single day. A movie is an escape, a place where I can go and see myself in a world that I only fantasize about." This is a hard thing to deal with because it's like, we want to submit our intellect for fantasy and false realities, as opposed to facing these harsh truths head on and discussing the situations of why, how come, and what if, as mature adults. So, when films "cram" biased opinions down the throats of an audience as opposed to "exploring" these social themes that are universal to ALL walks of life, it shows disrespect for the craft, and for the audience. Go to the church and preach, if you want to be a preacher, and sell cars if you wanna make money, because we've somehow forgotten that making money does not determine the value of a film. All in all Perry left me asking myself, Why Did I See This Movie Too?


Friday, April 2, 2010

Strong Arm Steady- Best of Times Ft. Phonte

Peace, peace, here is the latest video from L.A. native Hip Hop act, Strong Arm Steady entitled Best of Times featuring one of the smoothest emcees since C.L Smooth on the chorus, Phonte, of Little Brother. If you not up on Strong Arm Steady, google em , Youtube em, get off it. This video is dope, its reflecting that essence of having something meaningful to say, and passing on the music to the next generation, something we was just building on the other day. Stay safe on yall weekend.