Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Real or Fake

Its crazy how popular the viral video world has become. Its become so popular that people are "creating" their own so called real life situations that are just as scripted as a Hollywood feature film. Here we have a beautiful girl, and its 3am and her boyfriend is playing PS3. She walks into the loving room to find him, and decides to take fate in her hands and rip the system from the wall and destroy it.

1st Problem: If its 3am, why don't you look the slightest bit tired, or like you've been sleep and woke up? You're wide awake. And if you've been up, why are you just laying in bed hour after hour thinking dude is gonna stop playing and come to bed, like a normal man would do?

2nd Problem: Baby girl walks into the kitchen and sits the phone down perfectly enough to still see the TV as she snatches it from the wall. How coincidental?

3rd Problem: Any man that knows his chick, and knows when she's upset will not tell her straight out to get me something to drink. You're gonna try and ease over the tension, because you already know its a problem.

4th Problem: I don't care who you are, if you snatch some shit out the wall while I'm playing, I'm not gonna just say, yo! yo! what are you doing yo!!! As soon as you walk to the damn kitchen, I'mma be like, babe what you doin? You already know she crazy, you've been living together for some time now obviously. So, you know she's prone to flip out. And even if she did manage to snatch it out the wall ad destroy it, the reaction is not Yo! Yo! Its, what the fuck is the matter with you, that's some real childish, idiotic, irrational shit you just did. I'm rollin, stay here by your damn self tonight so you can cool off. Or something with a little more "FEELING" than Yo! Yo! What the fuck Yo!!!!

In conclusion, the video was a fake, they set it up to sell T-Shirts and create shock value, and get subscribers and hits. Like being a full time mistress, its become a trend to gain attention. Let's not get too caught up in the illusions, and not be able to grasp real from fake.


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Nature By Numbers- Cristobal Vila

Nature by Numbers from Cristóbal Vila on Vimeo.

Awesome Animation Short from Spanish Film Maker Cristobal Vila. He depicts life in the form of mathematics and geography. Awesome!


Four Letter Words By: Rob Seward

Four Letter Words from Rob Seward on Vimeo.

Its brilliant ideas like this that prove that having the most fancy equipment and editing software will never make you as valuable as an original, well thought out, film maker/producer who takes the time to really study and create original works of art.

The new trend is to pick up an HD Prosumer camera, get a mac with FCP and call yourself a film maker so you can make a couple extra dollars on the side. Being able to point and shoot requires no real skill, a 10 year old can do that. So, to all you cats out there that's going through the motions and calling yourself a film maker, Kill Yourself because this proves you will never be on the level until you take on the discipline the right way. EARN your stripes!


Kid Cudi-Pursuit of Happiness V.2

Kid Cudi Ft. MGMT & Ratatat- Pursuit of Happiness (2nd Version) from Sean Brady on Vimeo.

New eccentric video from rising star Kid Cudi. I'm not sure yet my vibes on dudes music, but I know he's on the rise working with all kinds of huge names from Jay-Z to Common and Kanye, etc. Check it out, pretty Bjork'sh...

Phillip Bloom Interview

Philip Bloom / Social Media from Terry Wilson on Vimeo.

Interview with former news camera man, turned social networking giant, Phillip Bloom as he shares with us his early thoughts of the social networking phenomenon, and how he began in the business. All shot on the Sony EX 1 and Canon 7D.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Erykah Badu- Window Seat Video

The Queen drops her latest video Window Seat, and it definitely delivers! Not only was it artistic, but it was engaging and sexy as shit. But its deep, the sista never does anything with no substance, and how the people were quick to destroy her in her natural element speaks volumes to whats happening now. Natural is not praised, the artificial, the robotic, controlled substance, is King. And the Queen, in my opinion counters that paradigm, by going back to the natural state, the free state, and just as she gets free, the powers at be, take her out. Also, she's at the grassy knoll where JFK was assassinated. Awesome! Enjoy


Street Lights Kanye West- Directed By: Spike Jonz

Latest video from Kanye and Spike Jonz Street Lights. Shot in Tokyo.


Ball Hoggers or Go-to-Players?

I've been researching this for a while now, and I've discovered that, with exception to Lil Wayne, the average age of Mainstream rappers with an album out in the last year, is 37 years of age. Here's the list:

  1. Jay-Z                         Age 40        
  2. Method Man             Age 38
  3. Mos Def                    Age 36
  4. Talib Kweli               Age 34
  5. Raekwon                   Age 40
  6. Kanye West               Age 32
  7. Ice Cube                    Age 41
  8. Snoop Dogg              Age 38
  9. Ludacris                    Age 32
  10. Fat Joe                      Age 39
  11. Jadakiss                    Age 34
  12. KRS-ONE                Age 44
  13. Nelly                        Age 35
  14. Eminem                   Age 37
  15. DMX                       Age 39
  16. Rick Ross                Age 34
Now this is a touchy subject because some of these cats are emcees that I love, some not, but its funny how a lot these brothers have managed to stay somewhat on the pulse of the industry for damn near 20 years! In 20 years, I could go from freshmen in high school and graduate college twice.

Going from college to the NBA, I could go from freshmen to the league 5 times, and still would never see any playing time because the veterans are still starting. Are these cats really that good, or are we a comfortable society that would rather deal with what's familiar? Kobe doesn't even have a 20 year career, Jordan played from 85-98 with off and on periods... Kobe's and Jordan's are rare breeds like the Beatles and Michael Jackson. While others come and go, these guys remained the best of the best. I don't know if I could say hands down, Snoop, Nelly, Cube, Raekwon, DMX, are among the best.

And this brings the discussion of what determines the "best" in hip hop? Sales? Lyrical content? Style? Swagger? Business ventures outside the game? How do we determine the best? The only stats we can really accumulate from Hip Hop are monetary stats. How many concerts did one sell out, and that has a dollar price on it. How many #1 albums did one create? That has some monetary figure attached to it as well.

So, its really interesting to see these one hit wonders, come and go like seasons, never get the same shine and marketing as these mega acts get, and we wonder why the music sounds flat and uninteresting. Well, just like the media, when you have only a few corporations running all of the information we consume sonically, and visually, the messages become blurred, and it becomes a sort of generic, molded, pot of goo. The formula has worked, and we are comfortable with it. These artists have a name, and we know they can at least bring in some sort of revenue, so, we'll push them.

The young cats are beginning to do everything by themselves, and its being praised as being a good thing, by the hustlers, and a bad thing, by the veterans, who's money is being jeopardized. Its sad because these vets that are in the game, in my opinion should have been set up a powerhouse record company, and distribution company for themselves, and created an easier lane for the generation behind them. Instead you have this new group, getting signed by Shady Records under, Aftermath, under Interscope, for pennies.

This is where the ball hogger statement come in, because in actuality, some of these artists that are still out, their time has come and gone. But they still hold on to the rap rap game why? Because they don't have anything else. They didn't invest their money into other things like Nelly and Jay did. They didn't set up shop to where they would have a steady flow of income, instead they bought the material shit, that got old, and they needed more. They signed bad deals that never really made them any bread, and now they have to take care of a family. Our brothers could have bee taken over the game long time ago, and not been relying on outside influence to change the vibration of the music to this watered down, simplified lyrics and beats, pop shit. The bar is not being forced to be raised, the torch is not being passed because the cats who have the torch have no intentions on getting out the game.

Just imagine what the music would sound like if these brothers came together like Voltron and decided that they would all stick together and not have to need a record company to dictate the music they put out, but yet and still they could get on the mainstream media just as easy because they have money and influence, and they have the audiences attention? Hip Hop would be as rich as some of these oil companies, or even some of these movie studios. But that's not it, there is something going on that makes these brothers go for self, and say, get yours and I'll get mine. Do you, I'll do me!!!!

That fucked up mentality has gotten the culture segregated and powerless. During the Civil Rights Movement we were together and wanted integration, we wasn't cool with being separated. And today we have integration, but we've never been more separated from ourselves, than we are right now. I'll remain the optimist and say that, if we don't come together, Hip Hop will not survive 10 more years. If these All Star, front runnners do not make any moves and set up for the next generation, you can forget having a culture and a music unique to the people who struggle. You can forget a generation coming up with the understanding of truly making music, and not just making money. You can forget everything that James Brown, BDP, Bizzy B, Cool Herc, Kane, Fab 5 Freddy, Rock Steady Crew, and all the originators of the music we so enjoy, taught us, because all of that will be in vein. So, if we keep he rock in the vets hands, and they out for self, what do we do?


Friday, March 26, 2010

True Hero

This is some true hero type shit right here sonny. This 22 year old nanny Alyson Myatt, woke up early one morning to a house filled with smoke, and loud noises. Her first instinct was to run all the way up the stairs, despite the falling, flaming debree, and melting floor, to an upstairs bedroom where 5 year old Aden Hawes was, huddled frightened under his blankets. Alyson yelled out for him, and he fearfully answered back. She was able to pick up the young boy and endure the most grueling 200 foot sprint of her young life, where she had to walk across, melting floor, barefoot, in order to carry the young boy, and herself to safety.

Alyson suffered 2nd degree burns on her hands and 3rd degree burns on her feet. She said to reporters in an interview that, she did what she felt any other human being would do. "I really care about the kid a lot."

You have to really be imbued with the spirit of God to do such a courageous act with no regard to your own bodily punishment. Her feet were literally melting and she still managed to push through. This shows you the power of love and also the power of the woman. Without our women, this world is fucked, and she showed mad courage for this young boy who wasn't even her child, she was his babysitter.


God Shammgod + Converse Campaign

 Street ball legend turned pro, God Shammgod, links up with Converse for a campaign, where he talks about how he got into dribbling the ball, and coming up with his signature move, the Shammgod. I remember at HIS we used to be off Shammgod and Skip at lunch, and during the All Star P.E. games. Real dope. Watch it here


Brand RMX Episode 2 Part 2

Brand RMX : EPISODE 2 pt 2/2 from R+I creative on Vimeo.

The 1st Episodes can be found on along with a plethora of great videos.

This is Jeff Staple, artist and designer. He has worked with some of my favorite hip hop cats, and probably the best Emcees ever, Common, Mos Def, Kweli, during the pivotal shift in the Hip Hop cosmos, the mid-late 90's. He was a designer for Rawkus Records, and has since made a household name of his work, as an innovative and exceptional designer, and artist.

In this episode he talks about his inspirations, and his foundation, and also the keys to his success. To all my folks that wanna do something with themselves, maybe you should watch and take notes.


Television Politics and Brett Favre Rule

The NFL announced yesterday that they will initiate a new overtime rule, which will allow the team who doesn't win the coin toss, an opportunity at a possession, being that the team with the ball doesn't score a touchdown. So in essence, the new OT rule that will take effect next season is, the first team to score a touchdown on the 1st possession wins. If neither team scores a TD on their 1st possession, then the sudden death rules would apply.

This new rule comes real close to player negotiations with the league, and the renewal of network contract negotiations, which makes me wonder, is the money really controlling football, or is the rule being enforced because of the supposed stat of 8 out of 10 times, the team that wins the toss in OT, wins the game? It would make sense then, that, if its about the team having a fair shot at scoring, they both should be granted one possession with equal opportunities to score. But this seems more like an attempt to hike up ratings, and give the viewers a reason to stick around because according to Neilson's ratings, viewers have been tuning out once the coin toss has been decided, and the media networks aint having that shit, thats they money.

Players and Coaches from the Super Bowl winning New Orlean Saints (Who Dat) are enraged as they take the new ruling personal, calling it, a "slight" on their team's victory against the Vikings in OT where Brett Favre, who choked, threw a pick, and was never able to get back on the field. This situation also seems fishy, being that the NFL Superstar Icon, was not able to redeem himself. I money and politics, I love America!!!!!!!!!!

The NFL doesn't want the great quarterback's Manning, and Favre to be on the sideline while some no-name, crumb bum, drives his team down the field and wins the game.  Brett Favre's career ended on a pick that costed his team the game. He comes back to redeem his legacy and what happens? The exact same thing. A pick, that costs his team the game! Maybe its a thing called, DESTINY, or FATE! The NFL then is trying to change the natural flow this man's DESTINY, FATE, to satisfy his 45 year old ego. LOL! Maybe, I'm taking it too far, but think about that.


Dom Kennedy Album- From The Westside with Love

L.A. native Dom Kennedy drops his free album, From The Westside with Love, a real chill, smoke a blunt, and roll in the Hyundai, or the Mazda Protege type shit. Dom reps Lemiert Park tough, remnant of the Freestyle Fellowship, and the Project Blowed scene.

L.A. has always had some of the dopest lyricists in the world, we just have been stuck with the stigma of being only about gang banging. But finally, folks like Pac Div, Dom Kennedy, and U-N-I for right now, are getting some love. That should open the flood gates for cats from the West to get on. This time we need to take some note of how the South operating and controlled the music waves by working together and pulling each other on. Its about the music, not the money right?

The album can be downloaded here:

FIU Football Player Stabbed to Death

Peace and Blessings to the family of Kendall Berry who was stabbed last night by an unidentified attacker. He passed away on the way to the hospital. He was a 22 year old Junior from Haines City, Florida.  The team has since canceled its Spring Game, and are receiving counseling for their grief.

Students held a vigil at the rec center where the incident took place. The city news interviewed students and the ones that knew Kendall said that he was always full of positive energy, his coaches said that he had a bright future.

There are currently no suspects in custody. Karma is beautiful thing, she'll find dude. Tell the ones you love you love em, because you never know when they time is gonna come.


Space Butler's?

This is some wild shit son, on a space station, its already not much to do, so could you need someone to do shit for you, to you simplify your life even more? Well on April 5th, NASA and General Motors will launch a new helping hand to the ISS, by the name of Robonaut 2, a Robo-Maid, designed with a human torso, that can be controlled via virtual reality. It's a more futuristic version of R2-D2 from Star Wars. Ok, so astronauts might as well get the 2K10 crackin' on the 73 incher you feel me? That's complete misappropriation of funds man. Why would anyone in space needs a maid, specifically to suck up cheetoh dust? How bot, don't eat cheetohs?

It's funny how GM is involved when they can barely sell cars, but they are intertwined with NASA. Maybe there was a bigger reason as to why we bailed them out. Hmmmmmmm... I need one of them Robonauts for my crib, so when wifey don't feel like makin' ya man a sandwich, I could have Robo-dude, slap together some lettuce and bread and shit. I wonder how much that system costs? There are no official reports yet, but I'll keep you posted. 360˚

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Cassidy Featuring John Legend- Searching

Ya man Cassidy is back, this time he's linked up with John Legend, track produced by Swizz Beats. I heard ya man Cassidy got the HIV, but I aint fuckin' with these gossip blogs, so if I was yall, I wouldn't believe shit, unless the man said it himself, or if you find yourself in bed wit dude, and he bout to d**k you down, and insists on some no condom type situation. At that point as the big homie K.D. said today, ABORT MISSION!!!! Cass is that dude on the battle sticks, and Imma keep it at that, but ladies, you might just wanna ask the nigga if the opportunity presents itself doe. YOU NEVER KNOW!


Cassidy feat. John Legend - Searching (Prod. by Swizz Beatz) by Hypetrak

Just a friendly reminder to all my peeps!

This is a classic Red Foxx bit, just wanna make whoever's reading this at this point laugh and take the edge off your day.

Kid Cudi- Soundtrack 2 My Life (Official Video)

Montage of Cudi's tour, for the release of his debut album, Man On The Moon. I aint got no beef wit Cudi, I like his character on How To Make it In America also, check that out Sundays @ 730pm. His music is definitely left field and alternative so we giving dude a shout, Enjoy. KiD CuDi - Soundtrack 2 My Life (Directed by Jason Goldwatch) from DatNewCudi / DP on Vimeo.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Jump Offs

I am in absolute astonishment with the new job that's on the rise, Jump Off. According to my Queen and other sources such as Sandra and Necole, a jump off is a woman who gets with a man with a high paying salary and celebrity status in order to obtain monetary profit, and elevated social status. The job requirements are based in Malcolm X ideology, BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY! So, yes, fucking and sucking of friends, family, pets, antiques, etc are not deal breakers.

There has been numerous book deals, and TV shows highlighting these women, and its becoming a household name. A movie has even been produced in recognition of this cultural phenomenon. My thing is, and Imma keep 100, my Queen knows that I've had my fair share of chicks, and sometimes we ran trains on flips, I mean we was young, and we was gettin' it in, but, that's what they was, HOES!!! Now, the HOES are getting paid for doing what they've always done. PROSTITUTE! The ones that do it for no money aint asking for books, and money... We gettin' caught up in the fact that sluts are fuckin' and suckin celebrities and its gettin out to the public. Why do we care about shit thats been happening for YEARS?

What else I don't understand is, how can the jump off, who blows the whistle, complain about the way the guy treated you, and expect some type of compensation, or sympathy for being a slut? That really baffles me. You are the home wrecker, the nut guzzler, the buddy shnuffer, and the side line chick, but you want people to respect your side of the story that may very well be made up? I think not, jump offs are at the bottom of society right in line with paparazzi.

I aint knockin' ya hustle, and I'm not suggesting any type of harm be done to you, other than wifey, cuz' she got a right to that fade. If you like sex, then get it, just don't try to bring people down in your rise to fame. Get your porn star on, on get on the track and work for daddy or somethin'. Get yours legit is all I'm saying because thecats you spilling the beans on, Jesse James, Tiger Woods, Nelly, Bow Wow, Tyga, Jae Millz, and the list goes on and on... these dudes are still gettin chicks lined up ready to take your place and won't tell, they still making money, and they still get respected throughout the industry, because other cats are doing it.

So, to all my, "I fuck famous niggas to get famous", chicks out there. There is a traditional word for your kind, and thats SLUT! Lets call a spade a spade. 360º

NY-Z (New Jay-Z short film)

NY-Z is the latest collaboration between Marcy Project's own, Sean Carter, and Absolut Vodka. The docu-short chronicles the superstar preparing for a one time concert at MSG New York, and doing several interviews prior to his release of Blueprint 99, I mean Blueprint 3. Dude, also gets in depth about Hip Hop and how hedoesn't separate himself from the genre as an outside entity. He also talks about his life and early childhood, a real good look for him. Directed By; Danny Clinch.

I swear its dope, but its frustrating when you have ideas, and see them manifest later in life. but you're not the one manifesting it, someone else has somehow absorbed the same thought, and technique as you but was able to monetize off of your thoughts. That's beautiful right? Na, it pisses me off sonny!

I was in the Power 106 office last year with my business partner and the same shit, I told them, you are about to see, and they told me they didn't know how to monetize the idea. WHAT THE FUCK ARE SPONSORS for? But yea, Im a little hot behind this, and you would be too.

In film school, I learned that this is called the Zeitgeist (Not the movie) of the industry, and of life in general. We have a collective unconscious that we tap into, and gain perspective, and insight from. Its fascinating. Which would briefly touch on how we can all move toward the fad of diggin' the 80's style clothing, and the retro hair cuts, and lines and designs, and that whole deal. We are all connected. So, in the midst of being upset at the dumb ass companies that don't want to take chances on new talent, and alternative ideas, this is the result, which could have had YOUR name attached to it Fuck Stix... Its peace doe... lol... Without further delay, I bring you NY-Z...


Peace peace, welcome to the first blog of many, my name is Bunnz, and I'll be bringing you some live shit, so I hope you remain interested, I have a lot of things I want to share with yall so, this is my intro, and my outro so, now we can get into the meat of things.