Thursday, August 19, 2010

Peace to the Gods

Man, its been a cool minute since I been on here, but yea man, some things have been happening by the grace of the almighty and myself and a team of very creative and mentally mature individuals have an opportunity to really take the world's brain, and poke it with some deep, long, painfully soothing strokes, and just fly to Italy and live out there for some years and come back monks on some shit... lol Na for real, we are starting a new venture with a creative collaborative. I'm mad juiced about that, be on the look out, but in the mean time, read Metu Neter Vol.1 by Ra Un Nefer Amen. The elevation of consciousness is the only means to liberation and oneness with God, by the realization that man and his Creator are one in the same, how else were you made in his image... Fuck belief, get knowledge. I love you who matter.


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