Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Superhero Fetish- The Decline of The Common Man

How many female friends do you have on Facebook? A lot I'm taking, how many male friends do you have on Facebook? I bunch I'm guessing, and I can guarantee you that at least 25 of your friends male or female, are pursuing or have some sort of picture of their self, take by a "professional photographer" for their up and coming modeling career which is why they shaved the side of their head off, threw on some tight pants, club heels, skimpy shirt, make up and went to work. The end result is, uh, no! Not for me, I look confused. And I know you have a guy friend who constantly bombards your personal status messages intended to drive your friends to start a dialogue on something funny, or maybe important, and here comes Jay-Shon dropping his "mixtape" on you. "Check this out ma, just a little something I'm working on right now, you know what I'm saying?" Let me know what you think. Now, if you don't have friends like that, I know you have the friends that constantly post status updates, or even in real life, talk about the money they want and the money that's on their minds right? If you don't maybe you should get off the computer reading this blog and get some friends. The point is, the rise in the Superhero Mentality.

We ask, what is the Superhero Mentality? The Superhero Mentality is a recent phenomena occurring in Black people where we feel that our only way of reaching success, is by becoming someone who is overtly rich with money, and fame. Whether it be modeling, rapping, acting, performing arts, even in terms of professional careers, a lot of our motives are becoming driven by raising our economic levels to unfathomable heights and often times we forget the price that must be paid for everything. The Gazelle must be sacrificed so that the lion can eat. So must the tree that makes the home and feeds the Koala Bear. As humans as well, you must sacrifice something to pursue something else. Personally, I've lost a lot of friends in search of my own way and my own happiness and that comes with the territory but, on a larger scale, say we all pursue a higher dream, and forget about the smaller occupations that must be obtained in order to maintain the lifestyle that we're trying to live, who will take out your garbage? Who will mail you mail? Who will serve you at the restaurant? Who will take your order in the drive thru? Who will rip your movie ticket? Who will fly you to your business meeting in Texas? Who will teach your kids? Who will drive the public buses? If everyone is a superstar, what happens to the beauty of the star who's light is faint, and only compliments the arrangement of the constellation he/she is apart of?

There is a positive side to this phenomena. This rise in consciousness so close to the 2012 alignment not only indicates that something happens in the consciousness of man when our celestial body moves to the point a alignment, but also that here on Earth in this existence, we are experiencing a rise in our desires to be better people, and rise above the experiences we've been facing. We're tired of being at the bottom, we no longer want to live the average life, we want to explore, and travel, and see what life has to offer us, and that desire is expressed in our actions, in our music, in our photos, and in our speech.

It's not hard to understand why we are expressing ourselves in this way because no matter how much the Jews will talk about the distraught they experienced from the holocaust, the African holocaust is still alive and well, and we are the offspring of that mentality. We are generation X and Y, and Z, and Dot.com, the generations without identity, the generation that is being built over and forced out into the deserts because its too expensive to live in the cities now. We have no real place to call our own, we have no grounds for determining this is who I am outside of America. And that alone creates this desire to define ourselves and express the fact that we are somebody when it should be obvious that we are.

So in essence, we can say that this complex is a cry for help, and cry for attention, and cry for a change in the economic structure, the spiritual foundation, the education, and interpersonal relationships that we have with each other. If we understood more about economics and knew that we needed each other and didn't promote the mind state of "I'm doing me" and "you do you" we could collectively lift ourselves from the pits of society and establish another Tulsa Oklahoma situation where you have a true Black community where the dollar touches several black hands before leaving. If we understood how important it is to work interdependently, we would naturally respect ourselves and wouldn't exploit each other for personal gain, we would gracefully play our role in efforts to achieve what our subconscious mind wants, happiness. We wouldn't chase dreams that aren't for everybody. Not everybody is a rapper, a singer, a model, a multimillionaire. Some people will only make 55-60,000 a year. That's okay, we have to be able to find peace within what we are able to do, and be able to be comfortable in society playing its part. That takes discipline, and most of all, it takes True leadership. Until then, tell your homegirl she aint a model and tell ya boy his bars aint up to snuff. Just be regular!


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